3 bedroom roof top duplex villa for sale in Boiler House Square

Battersea Power Station  Nine Elms, London SW8

Battersea Power Station could have been a plain brick box. Why does a Power Station need to be anything more? For the same reason Albert Bridge still has 4,000 lightbulbs strung along its length. Because society values beauty and delight. Because originality enlivens our environment. Sir Gilbert Scott’s design for the Power Station elevated a functional building into an Art Deco masterpiece. He went beyond what was expected, to create a building that even 70 years later remains modern and compelling. That refusal to settle for the basic – to create something original, vibrant and enduring – now informs the redevelopment of this cherished building. As well as the 254 new homes, there will be 1.3 million sqft of commercial space including three levels of retail. The leisure and entertainment zone will include a 2,000 capacity auditorium, cinemas, restaurants, conference spaces, a boutique hotel and offices for around 10,000 people. There will be a huge central atrium, new public squares and piazzas.

There will be no generic space at Battersea Power Station. Every home, workspace, shop, restaurant and venue will be designed specifically for its location, and the needs of those who live, work and play here.

The three levels of retail will be home to a host of exciting independent stores, each sharing their own vision of original alongside tailored experiences from household names and international luxury brands. As well as a host of selected famous names, the development will provide ‘incubator units’ for rising stars. Independent designers, chefs and entrepreneurs who share the creative spirit of Battersea Power Station will find a home here in which to flourish.

When London looks for inspiration, it will look towards Battersea Power Station.

    The redevelopment of one of London’s most iconic buildings, Battersea Power Station, is at the heart of a massive new development that includes 3,500 homes, offices, shops, restaurants, a theatre and a six-acre park in Battersea.

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  • Floor No

    11, 12
  • Unit No

  • Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Gross Area

    385 Sq. M
  • Internal Area

    220 Sq. M
  • External Area

    165 Sq. M

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