Lustica Development Ad

Tivat, Montenegro

Established as a joint venture between Orascom Development Ltd and the Government of Montenegro back in 2008, Lustica Development AD is considered to be a subsidiary of Swiss Orascom Development and to be a national project company responsible for the development and operation of Lustica Bay.

The development company is expected to set up a special and friendly tourism resort at Lustica Bay with collaboration plans that are intended to continue for generations. The project site is a secluded area along the Lustica peninsula, where hills are cascading down to create a breathtakingly beautiful coastline.

The guiding principle is to develop and improve the bay by making use of environmentally sound methods and through intelligent use of the land. Lustica Development AD has gained the reputation for its prudent development work while preserving the nature, culture and architectural integrity of Montenegro.

A few thousand residents, more than 1000 apartments, more than 500 villas, seven hotels, two marinas, a signature 18-hole golf course, schools for the residents and healthcare facilities are expected upon completion of the project. 

Developments by Lustica Development Ad
Developments by Lustica Development Ad (Map View)
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